How to rent and pick up a van

You can rent, pick up and return a PakuOvelle.com van at any time – there’s no need to check opening hours or key availability. You can rent the van easily online and you only need your phone when picking up the van.

See below for an overview on the entire rental process.

Rent the van online

You can rent your van easily on our website. Start by entering your preferred rental time and the desired pick up location. We will then show you the closest free vans.

Then, confirm the pick up location (vans are always returned to the pick up location) and rental time and fill in the other details, such as the driver’s information.

If you are flexible with the rental time, we recommend checking out our price calendar – you can always find the cheapest van rental times there.

Finally, select your preferred payment method and complete the payment (if you selected a Klarna invoice, remember to pay the invoice before the due date). After completing the rental, you will receive a confirmation message that includes your selected rental time and the van pick up location.
Important: Before picking up the van, you have to verify your identity with online bank login. We recommend completing the identity verification right away. Use the verification link in the confirmation message you received.

Pick up the van

You will receive a text message on your phone at least 10 minutes before your rental time starts. The message includes the pick up location and the license plate number of the van reserved for you. When you arrive at the pick up location, you can identify the van easily by the PakuOvelle logo on the side of the van.

When next to your van, take it into use by tapping the link on the message you received on your phone. The phone will guide you to inspect the condition of the van and take photos of the van before your rental starts.

Finally, you can use your phone to unlock the van doors. The keys needed for driving the van are located in the glove compartment. After unlocking the doors, you will also receive a confirmation message on your phone.

If you face any problems while picking up the van, try again and follow the instructions carefully. If this does not work, please contact our customer service - you can find the customer service phone number in the message you received.

Refuel and return the van

You must return the van fully refueled back to the pick up location by the end of your reservation time. If you want, you can also extend your reservation through the link in the message you received earlier.

When returning the van, fill it up with diesel at the nearest service station. Save a copy of the fueling receipt - you can take a photograph of it with your phone, for example.

At the pick up and return location, make sure that the hand trolley is in its place, there are no personal belongings in the van and the van keys are back in the glove compartment.

When ready to end your reservation, tap the end reservation link in the message you received on your phone. As the very last step, make sure that the van doors get remotely locked.

If you face any problems during your reservation, please contact our customer service immediately - we’re happy to help!

Thank you for using our van - hope to see you soon again!